Hello Genealogy is dedicated to providing a wide range of genealogical services in a professional manner.  Don't let the fear of hiring a professional keep you from reconnecting with your ancestors.





Take your family tree "beyond the pond" and let us help you trace your Scandinavian roots.  Hello Genealogy has experience navigating the complex Swedish parish record system.

Swedish Translation

Although not proficient at speaking Swedish, Hello Genealogy has the ability to translate a variety of documents written in the Swedish language.

British Isles

If your ancestors hailed from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland or Northern Ireland, Hello Genealogy can help locate your ancestral parish and continue research back, sometimes into the 1600s.



There are many different lineage societies and they all have unique requirements. Do you feel you are qualified to join a family name, historic event, or occupational society?  What about a military or patriotic society?  A professional genealogist can help.  Hello Genealogy can review the work you have already completed, help with your brick walls, or begin your application from scratch.


Removing "boiler plate" verbiage and creating an abstract can be a useful tool in research.  Do you have many legal documents to wade through?  Do you just need the "nitty-gritty?"  Hello Genealogy can parse your documents and provide you with a digital text file containing only the important information you want.


Pouring over page after page of a handwritten document can be trying. A transcription can prove to be very useful.  Creating a searchable digital text file of a handwritten or typed document can allow you to access and search the text easily.  Let Hello Genealogy perform this tedious task for you.



Relative Search


Are you trying to rekindle a family reunion?  Are you looking for long-lost cousins?  Hello Genealogy has a wide variety of forensic tools at their disposal to identify living relatives and provides the means to contact them.


Descendant & Heir Search


Hello Genealogy offers assistance in the field of forensic genealogy to executors, administrators, trustees, bank and trust officers, insurance companies, and their counsel.  Hello Genealogy can establish and identify next-of-kin and collateral kindred of estate's deceased or real estate owners who are deceased or missing.


Land & Real Estate


Hello Genealogy has the ability to travel to several surrounding county courthouses and research probate files, property transfers, recorded deeds and mortgages that are not available online.



Choosing a DNA Test


Testing yourself or family members is a great way to expand your family tree. Mitochondrial, autosomal, or Y-DNA? Which type is right for you?  Hello Genealogy offers consultation on the purchase and administering processes.  


Interpreting Results


Have you taken a DNA test?  Now what? Hello Genealogy can make sense of your results and use them to make connections to new family members.



Are you just starting your family tree? Would you like a decorative tree to frame?  Do you have funny stories of Great Uncle Harry but have no idea how you are really related?  Are you stumped by what second cousin once removed means?  Hello Genealogy can research and build your family starting with very little information.



Have you been researching for years and have hit a brick wall.  Hello Genealogy knows where to look to find records beyond the U.S. censuses.  We know how to work around tragic record losses caused by flood, fire or war.  We can use indirect and negative evidence to provide you with sound conclusions that meet the Genealogical Proof Standard.


Perhaps you are a beginner or intermediate genealogists and you prefer to do your own research.  Hello Genealogy can help you progress in your research and skills.  We have knowledge of many repositories, pay sites, blogs, and journals and can answer questions and give guidance.



Cemetery Photos


Do you live somewhere other than the central Indiana area but have ancestors buried here?  Hello Genealogy can walk local cemeteries to find your family member's grave and provide photos.


Document Retrieval


Hello Genealogy is conveniently located near many Indiana repositories and can provide document retrieval at reasonable prices.

  • Indiana State Archives

  • Indiana State Library

  • Indiana Historical Society

  • Marion County Courthouse 

  • Hamilton County Courthouse

  • Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Travel charges apply to locations outside of Marion or Hamilton County.


Records are not only created through the state. Baptisms, marriages, and funerals are all religious ceremonies and records may exist at the church or cemetery. Hello Genealogy can make contact on your behalf and make arrangements to search their records.


Obituary Lookups


Would having an obituary help you break down your genealogy brick wall?  Not finding one digitized online?  Hello Genealogy is well acquainted with local libraries, microfilm, and microfiche and can perform obituary lookups on your behalf.

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage- to know who we are and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness.”

- Alex Haley



Do you have a photo mystery?  Do you know little to nothing about where it was taken or who is in it?  Hello Genealogy has the knowledge to identify and interpret all of the hidden clues to help you determine who, when, and where.




Do you live in a historic home?  Have you ever wondered about the history contained within your walls?  Hello Genealogy will research your home's history from the time it was built up to present day.  Currently, these services are restricted to Marion and Hamilton Counties in Indiana.

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