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Hello Genealogy was born out of a love for family history. With the passion for discovering ancestors, came a desire to help others.


Today, Hello Genealogy provides a full range of family history services to all levels of researchers from beginner to professional.

We Offer

Family History & Brick Walls

Are you new to genealogy and overwhelmed? Or would you like a decorative tree to frame?  Do you want to know if intriguing family stories are real?  Or are you stumped by what second-cousin-once-removed means? Hello Genealogy can begin research starting with very little information.




Have you been researching for years but have hit a brick wall?  Hello Genealogy conducts thorough research using a broad range of sources beyond the U.S. censuses.  We work around tragic record losses caused by flood, fire or war.  Evidence is correlated and interpreted to answer research questions and conclusions are delivered in professional reports.


Scandinavian Research

Scandinavian research can be complicated by language barriers, social customs, and naming conventions. Take your family tree "beyond the pond" and let us help you trace your Scandinavian roots.  


Hello Genealogy has experience navigating the complex Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish record systems.


Hello Genealogy can assist in the selection of DNA tests. We interpret results and assist in using DNA matches to further research.

Hello Genealogy offers assistance to executors, administrators, trustees, bank and trust officers, insurance companies, and their counsel.  We establish and identify next-of-kin and collateral kindred of estate's deceased or real estate owners who are deceased or missing.

Hello Genealogy will travel to county courthouses and research probate files, property transfers, recorded deeds and mortgages that are not available online.

With Over 20 Years of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

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Researching and Writing


Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Hilary Swanson is a skilled family historian and is founder and principal genealogist at Hello Genealogy. She has been passionate about family history for over 20 years. Her skills are not just a hobby. Hilary strives to continually learn and progress in her field. 


"For years, I wondered about my maternal grandmother's family. The only thing I knew was that she was an orphan. Hilary was able to find that she was actually adopted by a family member."

—  Bill Broman  —

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